Mega Moshe is a non-profit established to help targeted organizations (non-profits, medical organizations, small enterprises, and small municipalities) adapt to the changing technological environment wrought by COVID-19. Mega Moshe does this by providing free technology consulting and labor in critical areas such as cybersecurity, remote connection and remote work platform configurations, cloud configurations, videoconferencing, and more. Mega Moshe utilizes volunteer labor to perform this. All labor performed is 100% free to the recipients.

We are especially interested in utilizing the labor of workers displaced by the economic crisis of COVID-19 in directly provisioning services as well as support tasks (such as outreach). This gives displaced workers an opportunity to perform meaningful work, build skills, and build connections during times of mandatory physical isolation.

We are ready to assist you! Please see our Services page for our offerings. Our services will always be free-of-charge.

The Name

The name “Moshe” is Hebrew for “Moses”. The name “Mega Moshe” is an allusion to the virtual Exodus that we are undergoing, and an allusion to the close proximity of the holiday of Passover (the story of Exodus) to the global intensification of the COVID-19 pandemic.